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Get clarity in your business, understand SEO and Identify your Best Ideal Buyers with LIVE coaching & support.LIVE 1:1 Training and Coaching with bonus group coaching sessions.

Create your buyer persona workshops

Identify Your Avatar

It's important to have a target Avatar- a clear vision of who you're helping. Know the demographics & psychographics of your audience. Identify whom you can help most.

Uncover what matters to them

Understand the problem and challenge points. Get clarity on what features, benefits, and solutions matter most to them.

Create messaging that resonates.

Get insight into how they search, knowing what matters to them. Create messaging that answers their concerns and inspires them to act.

Buyer Persona Master Class

$750 Limited Time Offer

These are 4 LIVE Sessions. After presentation we will open up to questions and coaching.

  • Includes LIVE Coaching

  • Create multiple buyer personas.

  • Know where to find your ideal target market.

  • Know how to reach your ideal buyer.

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